English for Success and Understanding Across Cultures

Creating identity with the choice of vocabulary and Language for personal and professional communication in English.

Larissa Chuprina, PhD

Ph.D., Educational Psychology/Cultural Studies  and MA, TESOL
Fulbright Alumna, Business and Educational Administration

Larissa Chuprina, Ph.D., is a former university professor in TESOL and ESL Instructor at a college level , who shares her passion for learning new languages and cultures.

Larissa noticed her love for languages at a young age, living in Germany with her family of Russian interpreters. As a youth, she developed a deep curiosity for English- and English-speaking countries.

Personalized ESL Instruction
Cultural Immersion Learning
Life Coaching for Growth

Comprehensive Language and Personal Development Services

Specialized programs for holistic growth and success

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ESL Instruction

Individualized English language training with cultural and emotional support

Cultural Learning

Exploration of different cultures to enhance communication and understanding

Life Coaching

Guidance and support to achieve personal aspirations and well-being

Personal Growth

Customized strategies for professional and personal development

Client Success Stories

Discover how our coaching services have helped others achieve English fluency and personal growth.

The ESL coaching sessions were incredibly valuable, boosting my confidence in English communication. Highly recommended for personal and professional growth.

Nathan Drake

Larissa’s approach to cultural learning is enlightening. She truly makes language learning a journey of self-discovery and growth.

Ethan Carter

Elevate Your English Fluency and Cultural Awareness

Experience tailored coaching and support for personal and professional success in English communication.


Tailored Instruction

Individualized lessons and coaching to suit each learner’s unique needs and goals.


Cultural Immersion

Gain insights into different cultures to enhance language learning and cross-cultural communication.


Emotional Support

Providing a supportive and encouraging environment to boost confidence and personal growth.

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